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Budding Entrepreneur Finds Unique Location For Cell Phone Repair Business

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- A recent graduate of Temple University has launched a business that will keep him on campus for the foreseeable future.

Students may be fooled at first when they walk up to the new lunch truck at 13th and Norris Streets. Menus are posted but there's no food. The trucks owner is Jesse DiLaura, who has expanded his campus phone repair business to a full-time business. A used lunch truck is all he could afford.

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"Any brick and mortar around a college is very expensive," he explained.

He may not be filling bellies, but DiLaura is filling a need.

"There's nowhere near campuses for students to get their phones fixed. Their phones are a very critical part to everyday life, and when that breaks it's a real issue, and they need to get it fixed immediately," DiLaura said. "When they break their phones they call me because they know I can do it really cheap."

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DiLaura has eight people working for him, including about five technicians.

"We do water damage, cracked screen, charging port, battery replacement," he said. "We can do just about anything in the phone."

And Temple is just the start, says DiLaura, who has already nailed down a deal to take his business, called Repair U, to Drexel.

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