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New Hope Residents Recall 'Frightening' Moments When Tornado Tore Through Bucks County Town

NEW HOPE, Pa. (CBS) -- At least three confirmed tornados tore through Bucks County Thursday night, leaving behind uprooted trees and knocked down power lines. In total, the National Weather Service said seven tornados touched down in the tri-state area.

In New Hope, major roads like River Road are still blocked by barriers hours after the tornado. Speaking to residents Friday, they say the only thing they can remember is how they felt Thursday night.

"It was scary. We looked out the bay window and the wind was blowing the rain so hard sideways it looked like a white wall," Michael Agenbrond said.

Intense moments as Agenbrond described a storm he says was like no other.

"It was frightening. I never experienced anything like this," Agenbrond said. "I mean, I been through earthquakes in California, and I wasn't that scared."

The confirmed twister tore through New Hope, Bucks County on Thursday evening. The damage prompting residents and area businesses to spend their Friday cleaning up.

"Trees down everywhere. You can see around here, everything has gone down," Ethan Works, who works for BCH Landscaping, said.

Works says they aren't normally picking up limbs, but this storm gave them no choice.

Feet away from where he was working, a large tree snapped, just missing the home behind it.

"People have been very lucky, that's what we have seen all day," Works said. "Very close calls but nothing damaged, which has been very relieving to see."

A highway maintenance manager says the tornado seemingly set its sights on New River Road, knocking down trees and downing power lines.

It turned all the way into Washington Crossing where residents are grateful they have no tales to tell.

"I heard a boom, some thunder, but it was really kind of a non-event for us here," Susan Moody said. "I don't know where the storm went. It looked like it was terrible in other places, but it did not really affect us."

Driving around the region, several crews were working to clean up after the damage.

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