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Ian Pisarchuk Pleads Guilty In Bucks County's First 'Sextortion' Case

DOYLESTOWN, Pa. (CBS) -- In a first-of-its-kind case for Bucks County, a man pleaded guilty Tuesday in connection to a new crime in the digital age called "sextortion." Prosecutors say Ian Pisarchuk sexually extorted more than a dozen victims. One of them was so distraught that she died by suicide.

The father of Lindsey Piccone, of Bensalem, wore a shirt with a photo of his daughter on it inside the Bucks County courthouse Tuesday.

Prosecutors say someone over Snapchat harassed her to send explicit photos of herself and even threatened her in 2016. After complying, the 21-year-old killed herself the next day.

"It's hard to lose a child, especially over something like this," Paul Piccone said.

Pisarchuk, 26, admitted in front of a Bucks County judge to sextorting Piccone and a total of 15 victims.

"It's a relatively new statute that came into effect about two years ago. So I believe this is the first case that we've charged it and now have had someone plead guilty to it in Bucks County," Bucks County Assistant District Attorney Brittney Kern said.

But Pisarchuk's crimes don't account for Piccone's death. So her family and state lawmakers are trying to change that.

"Sextortion is already acknowledged as a law. My bill, Lindsey's Law, would strengthen penalties for those that commit sextortion and then that leads to bodily harm or death," Rep. KC Tomlinson said.

"I just hope the law is passed and it helps other people," Paul Piccone said.

Pisarchuk is expected to have his sentencing in June. He faces a potential 100 years in state prison because of the 15 victims that came forward.

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