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Bucks County First Assistant District Attorney Demoted For Delivering Food For DoorDash During Business Hours

BUCKS COUNTY, Pa. (CBS) -- Bucks County's second-highest-ranking prosecutor sits tonight, disgraced and demoted after admitting to working a second job delivering food during company hours. Eyewitness News spoke one-on-one with Gregg Shore.

Shore spoke with Eyewitness News for nearly a half-hour. Until yesterday, he was Bucks County's number two prosecutor.

Tonight, he's the one taking the punishment after confessing to double-dipping by working for DoorDash while on the clock for the DA.

"Ashamed, embarrassed. I regret it very much," Shore said.

The now-former first assistant district attorney, Shore, in his own words, spoke about the decision he made to work for DoorDash during company hours.

"Due to my personal circumstances, there were times that I worked a second job delivering food during the COVID pandemic. I primarily worked the job at night and on weekends. However, I made the incredibly poor decision to deliver during the workday at times," Shore said.

Bucks County DA Matt Weintraub did not hold back for the man who was once his second-in-command.

"What he has done is indefensible, thoughtless, selfish and so stupid," Weintraub said.

Shore has spent the last two decades-plus prosecuting some of the most high-profile cases in county history, including the murder trials of Sean Kratz and Cosmo DiNardo.

"It would be easier and politically expedient for me to just fire him and be done with it," Weintraub said.

Weintraub, speaking to second chances, handed out this sentence.

"I have decided to demote him rather than fire him in light of all of his years of public service," Weintraub said.

"I realize I betrayed my boss, my colleagues, and most importantly, the citizens of Bucks County. I have a very supportive family and friends. People watch how you recover from that mistake just as much as they focus on the mistake itself," Shore said.

The DA's office says Shore paid back the time with accrued vacation hours.

Jennifer Schorn, a 20-year veteran at the Bucks County DA's Office, who is currently running the grand jury unit, will take over for Shore, effective immediately.

CBS3's Alicia Roberts reports.

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