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Bucks County Company On A Mission To Save Lives Around The World

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BUCKS COUNTY, Pa. (CBS) -- A Bucks County company is on a mission to save lives and they're doing it around the world.

To survive--that is our most basic instinct. And when that is threatened, our nation's military steps in. When their survival is threatened, in comes Life Support International.

"We are in the business of saving lives," said Greg Yerkes,  president of Life Support International based in Bucks County.

Aviation safety, rescue and survival equipment is being produced and shipped off to be utilized in high stakes operations by the U.S. armed forces.  Many of these missions you've heard of, many you haven't.

"That is all the safety gear life rafts life preserves emergency suits, survival suits that would be on a typical military airframe," said Yerkes.

The company also outfits state police units.

But their specialty is designing custom military gear. The kind of stuff that can be stored on a plane, in say—a  briefcase-style box.

Yerkes' father, George or Skip Yerkes, founded the company in 1987.

"Life rafts like you saw here, they really only came about in the 40s," said Skip.

But developments keep coming thanks to a team of technicians and developers, many of whom like Skip are former military.

"If our equipment is being used, it's typically a bad day," said Yerkes.

And the goal is not just to save the day but save a life.

"It is an immense, profound joy to know that our equipment is used to save someone's life," said Yerkes.

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