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Bucks County Based Site Helps You Sell Your Stuff

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- Most of us have plenty of them - those items that you just don't use or wear, but they're too nice to just get rid of.

Well a Bucks County company wants to help you sell some of that stuff for a cut of the profit, and they'll do all the work.

Delvage is based out of Chalfont, and through their website they help anybody sell their stuff. The only catch is that it has to be in great resale condition,

"We don't want anyone to purchase anything that's not in great resale condition. We have collectibles, art works, Lladro, Lenox, Waterford, Wedgwood. We have shoes, accessories," said Dawn Fournier, Chief Marketing Officer with Delvage.

The only items the site is currently not taking is stuff like dress shirts and other clothes, but jackets and formal wear are okay according to Fournier.

She says they'll pick up your items, photograph them and even go one step further to make sure they sell.

"We're not passively waiting for someone to find our items. We're always actively marketing all of the items that are on our site across social media, and also emails to our registered customers."

Info on how to register and sell your items can be found on the site, and people who do register are entitled to special offers like early access to sales and more.

As an added bonus, use the promo code KYW, and you'll receive a special offer through the end of August.

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