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'My Favorite Book Store In the World': Browseabout Books Providing Perfect Beach Reads In Rehoboth Since 1975

REHOBOTH BEACH, N.J. (CBS) -- In addition to a busy boardwalk, there is a vibrant downtown along Rehoboth Avenue. It's filled with restaurants and retails shops. One long-time shop is a perfect place for grabbing a great beach read.

There is something about the beach that makes it the perfect spot to get lost in a good book.

"It's calm and you can focus on your book and you don't have to worry about anything else in your life at that moment,"a woman said.

"I just stop thinking about everything and I can enjoy a book," a boy said.

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"Even though there's so many things going on around you, you kind of stop and you center into that book even though you hear kids giggling and you hear the waves crashing. Still, it's a full experience and it's beautiful and it's a full-body relaxation in my mind," another woman said.

"I think people are here on vacation and they want to escape and what better way to escape than into a book," Susan Kehoe said.

Kehoe is part owner at Browseabout Books in Rehoboth, where they've been steadily "changing the beach, one book at a time" for quite some time now.

"Browseabout Books has been here since 1975," Kehoe said.

browseabout books
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Whether you're in search of a great novel, something sporty or something for your little sport, chances are you'll find it there.

"We carry everything, I mean literally everything," Kehoe said. "We probably have about 30,000 different titles in this store right now."

The vast selection is one of the things that makes Browseabout Books so popular, but its location -- just blocks from the ocean -- also makes it the perfect spot to grab a book for the beach.

"It's really gratifying when people say, 'you're our first stop even before we go to the beach,'" Kehoe said.

"I read all the time, this is my favorite book store in the world," a woman said. "I read on an iPad and you can't see it in the sunlight so my beach reads are always books."

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