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Brotherly Love: The Baby Bureau

By Chris May

WARMINSTER, Pa. (CBS) -- Nine-month-old Nadiya came into this world early, at a time when her family had only one income.

"Unfortunately for her, she was tiny for a 27-weeker," said her mother, Corinne Anderson. "She only weighed one pound, 5.2 ounces. We were not prepared in any way. We especially didn't have clothes."

Fran Wasserman of New Hope got the call. Did she have any clothes for a preemie? Oh, she sure did! New and gently used donated clothes, sizes newborn to 12 months.

A space in Warminster is the hub of Fran's two-year old charity, The Baby Bureau, helping needy Montgomery County families.

"They have no insurance or they have no family, or they have not enough income to provide for their family," Wasserman said.

For each child, The Baby Bureau donates 30 outfits, hats, shoes and more, all wrapped in a handmade quilt, tied with a ribbon and topped off with toys. They call it a "baby bundle."

"You can never put a price on the love that has gone into making these things by hand," said volunteer Sabrina Harris.

Small businesses even wash the clothes and freshen up the shoes for free. Every donation is appreciated.

Deborah Derman, a volunteer and board member, said, "A set of five onesies from Target, and it's as though you've given her a million dollars. She is like that, and it is so sincere."

"It's a wonderful thing. It just makes life easier when you're helping other people. You don't worry about yourself so much," Wasserman said.

So far, The Baby Bureau has dressed 384 babies including Nadiya, who now has new, bigger outfits from The Baby Bureau. Her mother Corinne donated the preemie clothes right back to Fran.

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