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Brotherly Love: Barber Takes Craft To The Streets For Homeless

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- A West Philadelphia hair stylist is hitting the streets to help the homeless. Brennon Jones' barber shop is on the street.

"Every chance I get, every day, I'm out here," Brennon said. Today, William White is his customer on a sidewalk in Chester. White said, "Today, I'm getting my beard done and getting my eyebrow done."

William is homeless, and Brennon is sprucing up his beard for free. He calls the project Haircuts 4 the Homeless, offering barbering to people who can't afford it.

"I enjoy being out here. It's my personal way of giving back," Brennon said.

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Brennon was a barber for 10 years in Chester, but had to quit due to the strain on his body. He wondered what his next step would be. Then he met a homeless man.

"And that's when I came up, 'Maybe I can go out and just start cutting their hair,'" Brennon said.

He spread word on Facebook and raised more than a thousand dollars for supplies and the car battery that powers his razor. He started small earlier this month, cutting for a few men in Center City.

Right away, his project went viral. People started sharing the videos and the before and after photos. In only a few weeks, his first Facebook video reached 2 million views. His fiancée, Natasha Royal, took the video.

"I thought it was awesome," Natasha said.

"Doors have just been opening. It's been unbelievable. People from Nigeria have seen the video on YouTube," Brennon said.

In only about half an hour, William feels like a new man. He said Brennon "did an excellent job."

Brennon wants to cut hair in as many cities as he can and inspire other stylists to do the same thing.

How far can he go?

"Sky's the limit," Brennon said.

Brennon was offered a new job, but it's on hold for now, so he can follow his heart and his mission. Natasha and Brennon have also created an app to share with other stylists to connect them with the homeless.

Click here to see them on Facebook.

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