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Broken Resolution To Eat Healthier? Some Tips To Get Back On Track

By Lynne Adkins

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) - It is the second week of the new year and already you have probably broken that resolution to eat healthy. KYW's Lynne Adkins spoke with a local dietician who offers some tips that could help you get back on track.

Emily Rubin, a dietician at Thomas Jefferson University Hospital, says you should ditch the fad diets if you want to lose weight and eat healthy. She says, instead, you should make lifestyle changes.

Eating breakfast is important she says, because studies show eating a high-fiber cereal or fruit in the morning helps you eat less later in the day.

Use smaller plates so portion sizes are smaller. Also, eat more fruits and vegetables, they fill you up and are good for you.

"Never, ever drink your calories. Get rid of the soda and those high calorie coffees and even juices, I would go for water, even the sparkling waters are really good," Rubin said.

Rubin also suggests packing your lunch at least two days a week.

"You're going to save on money and you're going to save on calories as you eat a turkey sandwich on wheat bread versus taking that turkey club out and trying to resist the potato chips and unhealthy things that go with it," Rubin said.

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