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Delco substitute teacher getting help from 2 service dogs in classroom

Delco substitute teacher getting critical support from 2 service dogs
Delco substitute teacher getting critical support from 2 service dogs 01:53

MEDIA, Pa. (CBS) -- A substitute teacher in Delaware County is getting some critical support in the classroom.

Bridget Flynn has two service dogs that help her manage her disabilities at work.

At the County Alternative High School in Media, you can hear the sound of footsteps and paw steps in the hallway.

"I love having my boys in the school and I think it's a great experience for the students," Flynn said.

The boys she's referring to are her two service dogs, Harry and Frankie. 

CBS News Philadelphia.

"Frankie is considered a psychiatric service dog, so he will sit on me to help regulate my breathing and lower my anxiety," Flynn said. "Harry's in training to be a dual purpose, so I'm using him for balance and mobility as well as psychiatric."

Flynn teaches a small group of summer school students and brings the dogs to work every day.

Supervisor Matthew White says he's in full support.

"It was very unusual and I wasn't sure what to expect at first, but they're totally appropriate. They're an asset to the program," White said.

The service dogs not only help Flynn, but the students, too.

"We're a school for kids with behavior and emotional problems. Say if a kid is anxious or stressed they might say, 'Hey, can I go see Bridget and the dogs?' And they might just go in there and pet the dog," White said.

Frankie helps Flynn manage symptoms of PTSD, stemming from childhood trauma, while Harry helps her walk while she heals from a double knee replacement.

"The students know I have a disability and I'm capable of working. They shouldn't let their disabilities prevent them from succeeding in life," Flynn said.

Two special dogs changing lives

CBS News Philadelphia.
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