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Super Bowl Feud: Philly Business Stops Selling Boston Cream Doughnuts-- For Now

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- We've got to pass the time before the big game somehow and it looks like a food fight between Philly and Boston is one of the ways we're going to do it.

"We've been getting prank calls," said Quinton Johnson of Dottie's Donuts.

Johnson says it's all because of the decision to stop selling Boston Cream doughnuts at the Southwest Philly business.

"We are not doing Boston Cream right now until after the Super Bowl," Johnson said.

This culinary choice hit the national stage and stung like a dagger into the cream-filled hearts of Patriots fans.

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After catching wind, New England fired back.

The scenic Esplanade Park in Boston issued an immediate ban on beloved Philly fare, including Philadelphia cream cheese, cheesesteaks, soft pretzels and Crisco until the Monday after the game.

Speaking of Crisco. Philadelphia's effort to prevent fans from climbing polls in celebration of the Super Bowl trip has been commemorated at Dottie's with special "grease-poll pastries."

"Just a long poll with vanilla grease and a little Matcha on top," Johnson said.

And to make up for their ban on Boston cream doughnuts, they're offering up Eagles green themed-pistachio Matcha doughnuts, which--like the grease polls-- quickly sold out.

"It's the first thing people mention when they walk in the door, 'Oh do you have the Eagles thing? Do you have the grease poll doughnuts?' and stuff like that. You know people are excited about it. We are getting phone calls and all over the internet, so people are generally excited," said Johnson.

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And even with the prank phone calls from Patriots fans, they say it's all in good fun.

"It was a joke, I mean at first everything starts as an idea, but it just blew up. I guess that's the power of the information age," said Johnson.

To learn more about Dottie's, CLICK HERE.

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