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Eric Bolling: I Hope The GOP Health Care Bill Fails

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) - Cable news host and early supporter of President Donald Trump, Eric Bolling, told Chris Stigall on Talk Radio 1210 that he hopes the health care bill unveiled last week by Senate Republicans is defeated and the White House shifts their focus to tax reform.

"There's a really quirky side of me that says I hope the GOP bill fails so that they can put it aside and say we'll hit this again another time down the road... I don't know who's advising [Donald Trump] that this has to happen before taxes. I think the minute you get to taxes, everyone is on board. Your conservative Republicans are on board, your centrist Republicans are on board, some of the centrist Democrats may be on board as well. It's something that the whole country can wrap their brains around."

Bolling, who hosts "The Specialists" on Fox News, went as far as to say that the Republican plan to replace the Affordable Care Act is inferior than the original law.

"What they thought they were going to do was repeal and replace it with something better and it turns out they're repealing and replacing with something worse, as far as, from a conservative standpoint, where you don't want government transferring wealth from taxpayers to non-tax paying people, it's worse. That's why I don't like it. I think what they could've done is remove the mandate part of it. The mandate was the most unconstitutional part of health care. If they just lifted that, they could say, look, we're sticking to our conservative principles on the GOP."

He believes Democrats have long been focused on installing a single-payer health care system and that Republicans are falling into their trap.

"I don't know if they designed it to fail and destroy, but they designed it certainly to push toward a single-payer system when they realized this wasn't going to work, they would have to replace it... But my question is, why in the world would the GOP let the Democrats off the hook on this by saying we have a better idea when they didn't."

Bolling and Stigall will appear together in the next WPHT Speaker Series event at Bucks County Community College on Wednesday night to discuss his new book, The Swamp. Tickets are still available at

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