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Body Language Could Cost You

By Amy E. Feldman

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) - It turns out it's not what you say but what your body language says about you that makes a difference.

When former football player Chad Johnson went before a judge to work out a plea deal for violating his probation, he playfully gave his male attorney a pat on the behind. The gesture infuriated the judge, who sent Johnson to jail for thirty days. Overreact much? Turns out, other people in a position to judge you - namely, interviewers - base their opinion on you on your nonverbal communication, according to a study by

Some hiring managers say they decide on a candidate's hireability within 30 seconds of meeting him, before he even has a chance to get out the hihowareyous, based on body language and whether or not you have a firm handshake. And watch out for the unconscious tics you make - scratching yourself, tapping your foot, even yawning can make an interviewer think you're distracted, uninterested, or uncouth. And posture makes a difference: crossing your arms, slouching, even sitting all the way back in your chair may indicate that you are somewhere you'd rather not be.

Turns out, even with your mouth closed, your body speaks volumes so be aware of what it is saying, lest it come back to bite you in the butt.

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