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Sen. Bob Casey Says Affordable Care Act Now In Danger With Amy Coney Barrett's Assured Confirmation To Supreme Court

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- Pennsylvania Sen. Bob Casey says the Affordable Care Act is now in danger with Judge Amy Coney Barrett's assured confirmation to the Supreme Court. On Sunday night, Casey joined other Democratic senators on a Zoom call.

The Affordable Care Act faces a legal challenge before the Supreme Court.

The senators fear Barrett will cast the deciding vote to overturn the law.

Casey says the elimination of the ACA would have a negative impact on Pennsylvania.

"Much is at stake. You all know the numbers, the 135 million with preexisting conditions translates into 5-and-a-half million in Pennsylvania," Casey said. "The 23 or so million who would lose coverage that had gained it translates into 1, or one of the 23, million."

The Supreme Court will hear the challenge to the Affordable Care Act on Nov. 10.


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