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Black Tie Meets Cosplay As Philadelphia's Geekiest Are Recognized

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- It was cool to be a geek at the String Theory School in Center City Saturday night.

Hundreds showed up for the annual Philly Geek Awards, organized by Geekadelphia, Technical.Ly and Generocity.

"We have 300 self-identified geeks to celebrate the best, brightest, smartest people in Philadelphia who are doing interesting work to make the city a better place," says Christopher Wink with Technical.Ly.

Among the awards given out were Comic Creator of the Year, Mission Leader of the Year and the big one...Geek of the Year, to name a few.

"The categories range but they are all about making Philadelphia better and celebrating some kind of geeky sub community that is flourishing in Philadelphia," Wink adds.

This was a Black Tie event, but that was up for interpretation.

"(I'm wearing) a fresh set of black and red sneakers with my tuxedo top and bottom with a Batman onesie in between," says Wink.

"I have a dress that I made that has scissor patterns all over it and I have my lucha mask," adds Katie Nix

Her store manufactures pro wrestling gear and she was up for the Maker of the Year award.

Charles Mcghee-Hassrick was wearing a regular tuxedo...sort of.

"The bottom half is 100% kilt," he says "This is my wedding kilt."

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He was nominated for Development Project of the Year.

"It's so great to see people dressing up and enjoying the fact that we all love this stuff," Mcghee-Hassrick says.

And you couldn't miss Amber Gone and her friends.

"We're part of a cosplay troupe in Philadelphia," she says, "so we're all in costumes. I'm dressed as Wonder Woman."

They weren't nominated for anything, but wouldn't miss this event.

"We're honoring geeks," Gone says. "There's nothing better than that."

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