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Black Guns Matter Teaching Minority Communities To Better Understand Second Amendment

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- A new effort is underway to make Philadelphia safer as a local man who founded Black Guns Matter is working to teach residents how to obtain and use firearms safely.

CBS 3's Alexandria Hoff reports North Philadelphia native Maj Toure, the founder of the nationwide gun group, wants to help those in minority communities better understand the Second Amendment.

"We've been left out of the conversation and we don't want to be left out anymore," Toure said.

Toure says Black Guns Matter seeks to curb gun crimes by teaching responsible and legal ownership.

"If you chose not to participate in shooting sports and firearms, that's great. That's your right to do so, but before you can make that assessment you have to have that information and that's where Black Guns Matter comes in," Toure said.

Yuri Zalzman, the owner of the Gun Range in Spring Garden, caught wind of the cause on Facebook and assists in teaching proper gun handling.

"All you need to do is go to the guy down the block and buy a gun and you'll be fine. It doesn't work like that," Zalzman said.

Beyond the Black Guns Matter name, Toure said that the movement bridges political, gender and racial gaps, while tearing down the notion of the stereotypical gun owner.

"I have conversations with 60-year-old white guys from rural Arkansas in my Twitter every single day," Toure said.

In terms of bridging gaps, the group has been compared to the National Rifle Association, but with a philosophical and cultural twist.

"I think it's beautiful. A Philly native born in Philadelphia with an Israeli Jew solving social problems in Philadelphia, the birthplace of our Constitution, are you kidding me?" Zalzman said. "Could you have scripted it any better?"

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