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Black And Mobile, Food Delivery Service That Delivers Exclusively For Black-Owned Businesses, Looking To Expand In Philadelphia

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- The food delivery industry continues to explode as more and more people use apps to get their food fast. A Philadelphia man is driving innovation and finding his niche in the competitive field.

The young entrepreneur says he's been in business for a year now. David Cabello says he's hoping young people see his success and realize they too can be successful business owners legally.

He's only 24 years old, but Cabello is an entrepreneur and looking to expand business for black-owned restaurants through Black and Mobile.

"Black and Mobile is the first black-owned food delivery service in the country that exclusively delivers for black-owned businesses," Cabello said.

Once a business decides to partner with Black and Mobile, the restaurant is added to the delivery app, where anyone in Philadelphia can order food within five miles of the restaurant.

Cabello explained why he exclusively caters to black-owned businesses, at least for now.

"It has nothing to do with racism or hating anyone, it's just simply loving our business and making sure we get out the economic condition that we've been locked and boxed into," Cabello said.

Black and Mobile is welcoming more restaurants to partner with its delivery service in Philadelphia.

Sister Muhammad's Kitchen in Nicetown says its business has increased since joining the delivery service.

"The ordering is more precise. When we get an order from Black and Mobile, it's clear, we can understand it," cook Gordon Patterson said.

Cabello is working on expanding his delivery service.

Black and Mobile is set to launch in Detroit on Sunday as he continues to support black businesses.

"Forty-five percent of the population in Philly is black but we own less than 5% of the businesses. That's a huge discrepancy and I want to help change that," Cabello said.

Customers continue to ask for more options in Philly. If you're a black business owner and would like to be added to the delivery service, click here.

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