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Bill To Hold Architects Accountable For Unsafe Demolition And Construction Goes To City Council

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- Philadelphia city councilman Curtis Jones has introduced a bill that would greatly expand who's responsible for reporting potential problems in demolition and construction projects.

The bill is a reaction to the manslaughter conviction of the contractor in the fatal Center City building collapse.

The bill would require anyone with knowledge of an unsafe practice at a building site to report it, specifying not just contractors, but architects, owners and their representatives.

Jones says he was reacting to the testimony of the architect in the building collapse case.

"When asked, 'Did you know that this building could be a catastrophe?' He said,'well, yes.'"

"Did you saying something?"

"I said it to the owner."

"Why didn't you say it to the city of Philadelphia?"

"Because I don't work for them."

The bill calls for fines, license revocation and criminal referrals for violations.

"It won't just be the low-paid worker or minority company, it goes all the way up the food chain to the owner."

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