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Bill To Change Name Of Department Of Public Welfare Sent To Gov. Corbett

By Tony Romeo

HARRISBURG, Pa., (CBS) -- Governor Tom Corbett is expected to sign a bill on the way to his desk that will change the name of the state Department of Public Welfare.

The new name for the Pennsylvania Department of Public Welfare will be the Department of Human Services. The sponsor of the bill making the change, sent to the Governor Wednesday by the House, is Representative Thomas Murt, a Montgomery County Republican.

"There is a stigma to being on welfare. And I don't believe that we should be humiliating anyone who has fallen on hard times or a family that's struggling. And Human Services is truly a better moniker, it's is a better name to describe what the mission is at DPW," Murt said.

The name change would take effect 60 days after being signed into law but Murt says to save money, the new Department of Human Services would continue to use existing supplies of stationary and other materials that say "Department of Public Welfare" until they are depleted. The bill also creates a hotline to anonymously report fraud.

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