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Bill Simmons: 'If LeBron Wants To Be GOAT, He Needs To Go To Philly'

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- Lebron James joining the Philadelphia 76ers is becoming real. Like, really real.

The Ringer's Bill Simmons wrote an article explaining LeBron James' path to passing Michael Jordan as the game's greatest of all-time (G.O.A.T) -- and Simmons' conclusion is James should "roll the dice with Philadelphia."

"If LeBron wants to grab the GOAT horns, he needs to keep piling up Finals trips and maybe even one or two more rings," Simmons wrote via The Ringer. "He needs to put himself in position for his own Roy Hobbs moment (even if The Block in Oakland wasn't too shabby). He needs to get lucky and have a 7-foot-2 superfreak unicorn defy the odds and stay healthy. He needs to buddy up with his favorite Klutch client, a mirror image of himself physically, and play the "I'm gonna teach Ben everything I know" card. He needs to move his business to Manhattan. He needs to recruit the hell out of another A-lister like Paul George. He needs to roll the dice with Philadelphia."

James has been linked to Philadelphia for multiple reasons, one of which is Sixers' rookie star Ben Simmons -- who shares an agency with LeBron, Rich Paul's Klutch Sports. Furthermore, Simmons writes "NBA insiders have been gossiping about an increasingly cozy Philly–LeBron's circle connection since November."

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Recently, James mentioned the Sixers among the best teams in the East.

And as of February 9th, according to Bovada LV, the Sixers have a modest 10-1 chance of landing James.

The Sixers have the cap space, young talent, and market size to possible lure James to Philly, who will become a free-agent on July 1st.


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