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Bill Green Still Weighing Run For Phila. Mayor As Independent

By Mike Dunn

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- One day after the Philadelphia primary, former city councilman Bill Green is still mum about whether he might run for mayor as an independent in the November general election against his sometime Council rival, Jim Kenney.

Green, now serving as a member of the School Reform Commission, says his occasional sparring with Kenney when they served together on City Council won't factor into his decision about running against Kenney.

"There's no personal animosity, at least from me," Green tells KYW Newsradio. "Jim and I did work on things together, including setting up the (city's) Rainy Day Fund, some business tax reform efforts, and other things."

Instead, Green says, his decision will be about the issues, particularly school funding.

"I have to consider what is best for our schools and our children in the context of the mayoral primary, the new City Council, et cetera.  And that's what I'll be evaluating," Green said today.

So, for the moment, Green will remain as an SRC member:

"I don't have any plans other than to continue to serve as a commissioner right now."

As the dust from the primary settles, Green -- who changed his party affiliation to independent earlier this year -- is clearly champing at the bit to run.  He says the just-completed Democratic mayoral battle was "uninspiring."  And the son of former mayor Bill Green says he would only run if he felt he had a realistic chance of winning.

"It should be based on a clear view of the data and evidence of the opportunity, and the likelihood for success," the younger Green said.

Sometime mayoral hopeful Sam Katz also changed his party affiliation to independent earlier this year, but last week he ruled out a run for mayor this fall.


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