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'Big Nude' Photo Shoot Happening In Philadelphia--And You're Invited To Participate

By Chelsea Karnash

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – For some, the idea of posing nude and memorializing it forever on film is the stuff of nightmares. But for others, it just sounds like fun.

This September, those who fall into the second category will get the chance to bare it all for one of the country's preeminent vintage photographers.

On Monday, Sept. 17th, photographer RA Friedman will be setting up shop at The Rotunda for "The Big Nude Pinhole Shoot." It's happening from 8-11 p.m. as part of the 16-day Philly Fringe and Philly Live Arts Festival.

Friedman—whose painstaking production technique includes photographing subjects on instant film with a vintage camera, then letting the negatives age and dry out before scanning and digitally restoring them—is famous for his evocative photos, which have an eerie, dreamlike quality that's reminiscent of early 20th century German Expressionist Art.

So, what will go down at the artist's clothes-free event on the 17th?

"The shoots are done by posing people in the space, then working in near-total darkness and using a technique called painting with light. Each exposure takes 45-90 seconds, and the large group may take up to ten minutes to register on film. During that time, people will need to stay as still as possible," Friedman explains.

Participants will also get to keep a memento from the shoot in the form of a signed, limited-edition archival print of the photo that will be shipped to them via USPS upon completion.

"The shoot is open to all persons over 18 who can legally sign a model release. The only other requirements are that you are comfortable in your body and are willing to abide by the instructions," Friedman says.

If you're looking to take it all off on camera, you can sign up at one of two Friedman events at Old City's Ven and Vaida Art & Jewelry on September 7th or 11th. Participation in the shoot costs $20.

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