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Top Indie Bookshops In Philadelphia

Independent, local bookstores can offer something that big chain stores may not be able to provide: unique material that you may not be able to find in bulk elsewhere. If you are tired of reading the same old books, stop by one of our top indie bookshops.

Showcase Comics
Showcase Comics (credit:

Showcase Comics

642 South Street Philadelphia, Pa.

If you're really into comic books, Showcase Comics should be a must-see on your list. Known for its "old-school indie" vibe inside, you won't find a lot of their comics anywhere else.

Giovanni's Room
Giovanni's Room (credit:

Giovanni's Room

345 S 12th Street Philadelphia, Pa.

Giovanni's Room is an institution in the LGBT community of Philadelphia and offers a variety of books, including gay/lesbian and feminist books. Charming and unique, this bookstore is truly one of the most beautiful bookstores--not just in Philadelphia, but anywhere.

Penn Book Center
Penn Book Center (credit:

Penn Book Center

130 S. 34th Street Philadelphia, Pa.

Located right on The University of Pennsylvania's campus, Penn Book Center offers its fair share of interesting books and is a combination of a student bookstore and a general bookshop.

Whodunit (credit:


1931 Chestnut Street Philadelphia, Pa.

If you're a fan of mystery and suspense, this is the bookstore for you. When it opened just over a decade ago, Whodunit? mainly specialized in those genres. Now a more general bookstore, you can still find some of those eerie books you enjoy, plus autographed, out-of-print hardcovers, as well as inexpensive popular paperbacks.

Library Books
(credit: Phran Novelli)

Mostly Books

529 Bainbridge Street or 259 S 10th St
Philadelphia, Pa.

Come here prepared to journey through multiple rooms crammed full of books. You'll get dirty, caught up and probably leave with a book you never knew you wanted. But that's the fun of the two Mostly Books locations -- finding your own personal treasure.

Joseph Fox Bookshop
Joseph Fox Bookshop (credit:

Joseph Fox Bookshop

1724 Sansom Street, Philadelphia, Pa.

Joseph Fox Bookshop is another established bookstore in the city. They have a generally good selection of books, but they have an exceptional collection of art books. Customer service plays a big role at their store: if you don't see a title that you are looking for, the staff will try their best to track it down for you.

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