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'Best Hype Man Ever': Delaware State Police Trooper Gifts Boy With New Steph Curry Sneakers After Basketball Video Goes Viral

DELAWARE (CBS) -- A Delaware State Police trooper gifted his young "hype man" a new pair of Steph Curry basketball sneakers earlier this week. The duo began getting viral attention on social media last week when Trooper Joshua Morris posted a video on Instagram showing him playing basketball with children in the community.

The young boy recording the video can be heard saying "That's Curry, that's Curry" after the officer made a jump shot.

"I'm in it for the right reason. #GodsWork . Lil man is the best hype man ever. "Oh that's curry...that's curry." Morris wrote on the video's caption.

As the video went viral, Morris delivered a special surprise to the young man.

"My video is going viral because of you, you know that right? You is the man, everybody is talking about how you is the man, the best hype man ever. You're the reason my video went viral. So I wanted to gift you with something. Do you remember when I hit the jump shot and turn around? 'Curry.' Since you was my hype man, I'm going to be your hype man right now," Morris said.

Inside the shoes, the boy also found $50.

Officer Morris went on to tell the boy that when the two meet on the basketball court, that is a common ground for them to meet and build a relationship.

"Anytime you see me, it's all love," Morris said. "When we play on the basketball together that's a common ground you and I can meet on so we can build these relationships."

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