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Best Fish Sandwiches In Philadelphia

By Christina Dagnelli

Fish sandwiches can come in a few varieties besides just your generic fast food fry. Besides the typical fish and chips style, a batter fried fish, with toppings on a long roll. You may want to try a "fish sandwich" that was created in New Orleans for hard working blue-collar workers, the Po' Boy. This uses different types of fish, (a white fish, shrimp, oysters etc.) spicy sauce, tomatoes and lettuce on a roll as a complete meal. Some fish sandwich lovers prefer the upscale Ahi-Tuna, or Swordfish sandwiches. Fish isn't always the most filling of choices, and sometimes that is a good thing. If you are looking for a lighter meal compared to a cheese steak or hamburger; or eating more vegetarian, a fish sandwich may be the right choice. Here are the top 5 places in Philly to get a delicious catch from the sea, on bread.

1300 Dickinson St.
Philadelphia, PA 19147
(215) 389-8906

Ippolito's is a  popular Fish market  and sells counter service meals and sandwiches. Sometimes people eat while they wait. This is one of the most popular fish markets in the city and they offer a huge variety of fish that is prepared for you however you chose. Customers regularly comment on how fresh the fish is, and how high quality. The "Overboard" Sandwich is about $9 is made from fried flounder, in a very generous portion, and is accompanied by Cole slaw and fries. The sandwich is huge so plan to share or eat when really hungry. Soft shell crab lovers will enjoy them on sandwiches here also. And Ippolito's also serves up an Ahi tuna sandwich.

The Dandelion
124 S.18th St.
Philadelphia, PA. 19103
(215) 558-2500

The Dandelion is known as an upscale British pub, many people come here for a special evening out. Besides the ambiance, all of the ingredients used are  high quality.  If you are looking for a fish sandwich on your next special evening out there is one to consider at the Dandelion. A standard British meal served here is fish & chips. You can get the same fish as a sandwich. The Dandelion makes a simple sandwich with fried flounder, tartar sauce on ciabatta bread. This Fried fish sandwich is also served with triple fried chips (homemade potato chips).

The Industry
1401 E. Moyamensing Ave.
Philadelphia, PA 19147
(215) 271-9500

For BLT sandwich lovers, you can find a delicious fish BLT at the Industry. They type of protein from the sea will can change with what is in season. Here you will have the option to have a BLT with softshell crabs, shrimp, oysters or cod. The sandwich also includes bacon, lettuce or tomato on a ciabatta roll/bun. Oysters are popular here and you can them during happy hour for $1 an oyster, another happy hour bar food that is popular, and is also $1 are their Kimchi tater tots.  The Industry is open for dinner and brunch on the weekends, including Fridays.  The ambiance is laid back, retro, and the walls are adorned with black and white photos. Other popular food choices include their mac-n-cheese croquettes and Buffalo chicken meatballs.

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North Third
801 N. 3rd St.
Philadelphia, PA 19123
(215) 413-3666

North Third is a well-loved Bar in Norther Liberties and may be where you want to get a really good and inexpensive fried fish sandwich. They typically use Tilapia as their batter fried fish.  Or if you prefer something a bit more upscale they have an Ahi tuna burger.  Customers also rave about their fish tacos and the numerous vegetarian options. North Third also has outdoor seating and is dog friendly.

775 South Front St.
Philadelphia, PA 19147
(215) 271-9300

For a delicious Po' boy sandwich you may want to get yourself over to  Queen's Village area and head to Catahoula. Dinner is served every day, but lunch only on Friday, Saturday and Sundays. Po' Boy's originate in New Orleans, and Catahoula will make you feel like you are there. They also have the option of picking your fish, so you can do a shrimp, clam or Oyster Po' Boy.  Besides fish sandwiches you can accompany it with a variety of other Cajun and creole food. Such as shrimp and grits, hush puppies, Jambalaya and catfish. Catahoula is also a good place for sports lovers.

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