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Here Are The Best Cities For Women In Tech

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Women are consistently paid less than men for the same work in many industries, according to data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics and the Census Bureau.

As the tech industry continues to boom nationwide with some of the highest paid salaries in the tech field, women continue to be underrepresented, according to SmartAsset, who ranked the best cities for women in tech.

According to the study, Philadelphia is ranked as the nation's fourth best city for women in tech. The city has moved up six spots since last year's study.

The criteria used by SmartAsset reviews gender pay gap, income after housing costs, women's representation in the workforce and percent growth in employment.

Based on these factors, Philadelphia outranks 54 other cities across the United States.

Women working in tech in Philadelphia earn 94 percent of the average income of their male counterparts, the study reveals. The city has the seventh-best score in that metric.

Despite being paid similarly to men, Philadelphia women aren't paid a lot by tech standards and take home about $49,000 a year.

Still, Philadelphia women can expect to be paid relatively fairly compared to other cities around the country.

Washington, D.C., Kansas City, Missouri, Baltimore, Maryland and Albuquerque, New Mexico round out the top five on the list.

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