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Bernie Parent Tells His Life-Changing Story: Been Sober 35 Years

By Andrew Porter

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) --- Philadelphia legend and two-time Stanley Cup champion Flyers goalie, Bernie Parent, opened up on the 94WIP Afternoon Show with Josh Innes and Tony Bruno.

"I'm gonna share a little story because I've shared this many times," Parent told Innes and Bruno on Wednesday. "It was on a Friday afternoon, and I have to share this it's important, and I told my wife, I'm gonna go out Friday afternoon---at noon I should say---and get some cigars and I'll be back in half an hour. And then I got back two days later, and I got back by cab because I couldn't find my car. And I have to keep this ring to keep me sober. And I walked in the house looking at my kids crying, wondering where their dad was, and I fell asleep. I want to say I fell asleep, it was like the Angels took my downstairs. I made a phone call that said I need help and it's been 35 years.

Parent was prompted to tell his story when asked about Johnny Manziel, who recently checked himself into rehab.

"If you learn from the previous phase," Parent continued, "then everything will follow up and everything will get better."

Parent, 69, finished his NHL career in 1979, but has continued living in Philadelphia ever since. Why?


No, seriously.

"I'm part of a family here and I love it," Parent said. "I have so many friends. I love the oceans, I love boating, and it's a beautiful place to live."

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