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Bensalem Business Launches World's Largest Touch Glass Technology

BENSALEM, PA (CBS) -- A 165-inch glass touchscreen plays movies, lets you browse the internet and is so easy to use that you do not have to be tech savvy to interface with it.

Michael Holbert with Smart Retail User Interface, the company that produces the technology, says this screen has endless uses.

"It is as responsive as your iPhone or android," he said. "It can be used in academia, it can be used in retail store fronts for advertising the newest latest trends and then bringing the user to the window to actually interact and see what's in the store."

Holbert says just about every one who comes in contact with the tech is immediately impressed.

"When it's as large as 165 inches on glass, it becomes so real it's like real life, but larger than life because the imaging is larger than life."

Holbert says the touch glass starts at around $20,000.

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