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Bennie Logan Talks Life, Race, And Rap Music On 94WIP

By Andrew Porter

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- Bennie Logan, the Eagles' 25-year-old nose tackle, offered his intriguing perspective on racial and social criticism sorrounding his head coach.

Logan, speaking Monday afternoon on the 94WIP Josh Innes Show, became yet another Eagle to defend Chip Kelly.

"He's a real cool guy," Logan said of Kelly. "You interact with him, in the hallway. He pass by, he speaks. He have a conversation with you. Actually, when we was walkin' up today we had a conversation. He doesn't give me that vibe, or I don't sense that sense of racism or anything like that with him."

Listen: Bennie Logan on the 94WIP Josh Innes Show


Kelly had to answer racial questions yet again, after ex-Eagles cornerback Brandon Boykin expressed his thoughts on Kelly. Logan and Innes are both from Louisiana, and the two discussed how racism is handled more sensitively up north.

Bennie Logan
Bennie Logan on the 94WIP Josh Innes Show, Monday August 3rd.

"Few years ago an incident happened with the team and things like that," Logan said. "People just blew it out of proportion, but me personally---don't get me wrong, it's not right what had happened or was said, or what not. But the thing is, on my behalf I'm from Louisiana so it is typical like every other day you hear like somebody say that or doing that. So, I didn't really react to it as like other people from other states or other parts of the country reacted. I'm just like, you just look over that stuff, forget it and just go on.

"The difference here, people just really just attached to the negativity. I never seen so much negativity that lingers around so much and so long. Here it just seem like, they're just attracted to negativity which is not a good thing."

Boykin clarified his original text-message, explaining he didn't think Kelly was racist, just not a good communicator.

"My thing is, people say the same thing about me, so I couldn't really judge Chip on," Logan explained.

"Like, if people think that I don't speak to them or I'm like arrogant or something like that, but my thing is I've never been a person just to talk---like I could be in a room full of people I'm not just gonna walk to you and start a conversation. That's the thing I have trouble, I struggle. Like, I'll speak or something like that, but I'm not gonna start a whole conversation with you because that's not in my comfort zone."

Most importantly, however, Logan announced he is Team Meek, a hot topic at Eagles camp.

"I'm rockin' with Meek all day, everyday," Logan said. "I don't care what's going, I'm still rockin' with Meek. Like, Meek dis album they did with Drake was not his best. Like, I wasn't feelin' that, but at the end of the day I'm still rockin' with Meek to this day. I'm not a Drake guy, I'm all with Meek. So, Dream Chasers."

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