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Beloved Camden County Police Department K9 Passes Away

CAMDEN, NJ (CBS) – A beloved Camden County Police Department K9 has died.

"He is a member of the family of this organization and every night he goes out and takes one for the team," Chief Scott Thomson said last year when describing the K9 named "Zero."

In 2014, Zero and his handler Sergeant Zsak James broke the state record for career K9 arrests.

Officials say that Zero's most memorable arrest was in 2010 when he sniffed out a suspect who had allegedly stabbed someone in the neck with scissors and was hiding under insulation in a ceiling crawl space inside a home. Zero located him and the suspect attempted to fight him off, then ran out of the house before Zero tackled him.

"Zero was more than a K9 officer; he was an ambassador for the Camden County Police Department to the children of Camden. Zero and Lt. James helped build bonds with Camden's residents and children by doing countless demonstrations together at schools, parks and community events. Everywhere he went in the city, kids recognized Zero and came over to pet him, and his loss will have a great impact on them," Camden County Officials say.

Zero also used his impressive skills to locate missing children and find wondering Alzheimer's patients.

zero and child
(credit: Camden County Police Department)

Officials say after every apprehension, he was rewarded with his favorite treat from McDonald's, which was chicken nuggets.

Rest in peace, Zero.

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