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Being Able To Judge

By: Andy Wheeler

Week 5 is here and so finally is the ability to judge match ups accurately.  After one or 2 weeks it's hard to say who's going to do well with any kind of confidence.  Just because a team got blown out in week one doesn't mean that they'll be that bad for the rest of the season.  Once we get to Week 5 though, we've seen a few things.

We've seen that teams have trouble with certain areas.  We've seen whether they could fix it and how the next team adjusted to those changes.  And we've seen if nothing has worked and the team is just plain awful. 

These are the teams that you want your guys facing.  The Raiders, Chiefs, Titans, Lions and Saints have been terrible.  These will be safe plays for your fantasy players the rest of the season.  The Chiefs and Lions have had had injuries on defense so there is the possibility of a rebound but it's doubtful.

The Bears, Cardinals, Texans, Vikings, 49ers, Seahawks and Chargers are the defenses to avoid in an overall manner.   However don't be fooled into thinking that every other team is just a safe play for your player.  Let's take Tampa for example.  They are dead last against the pass but they are 4th against the run.  So the information is there for you to make good decisions…you just actually have to look further into it.  Don't be the fantasy owner the just looks at the opponent rank next to your player and base your decision on that alone!

Now let's get to this weeks picks.  You can see me talk about all of this tomorrow morning on CBS 3 at 11:30 am.

Best Match Ups:

Eli Manning:

After last weeks game vs. the Eagles, I have a feeling Manning is due for a big game.  Enter the Cleveland Browns to be able to make it possible.  We saw what the Eagles did against the Browns…now just realize that's possible and know that Manning won't turn it over as much as Vick. 

Kyle Rudolph:

He had 3 touchdowns in 2 weeks and then threw up a stinker against the Lions last week.  I look for a big rebound here because the Titans team he faces is the worst in the NFL vs. the tight end.  7 scores so far this season.  I'm thinking it will be 8 or 9 after tomorrow is over.

Texans Defense:

Last week, the Jets got shut out by the 49ers.  The Texans are an equal, if not better defense than the 49ers.  This is a fantastic match up for the Texans because as I've said in this blog before, Mark Sanchez stinks.  This could be an embarrassing loss for the Jets on Monday night. 

Bad Match Ups:

Cam Newton:

He had a big week last week, but this week will come back to earth.  I can see him potentially getting a score on the ground but Seattle's defense is very good.  I wouldn't expect huge things from Newton.

Heath Miller:

For the first time since the great Carlos Emmons left town the Eagles can finally cover the tight end.  They handled the Giants' Martellus Bennett last week after he had scored in 3 consecutive games.  That's the same sort of streak that Miller has going.  Miller will have a difficult time.

Maurice Jones-Drew:

The Bears can handle the run.  That much we know.  The problem is Jones-Drew is about the only thing the Jags have on offense.  So I think he'll get plenty of work.  I just don't think that he'll have as big a day as most owners will want him to. 

Tweet me questions @TheAndyWheeler or email me at  Good luck everyone!

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