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Bed Bugs Prompt Exterminations At Deptford High School


DEPTFORD, NJ (CBS) -- Officials at Deptford High School in New Jersey say exterminators are inspecting and treating for bed bugs after the tiny insects were found in the building.  Principal Marvin Allen posted an Emergency Pesticide Use notice Friday on the school's website.

Allen says they can't determine where exactly they came from and finding the bugs doesn't mean the school is infested.

According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's website, it's unlikely for infestations to develop in offices or classrooms, but the bugs can certainly find their way into your home if they cling on to your clothing or other belongings.

The pests feed on blood and can cause itchy bites to their human hosts.  The EPA says while the bugs are considered a public health pest, they are not known to transmit any diseases.

Here's an excerpt from Principal Allen's notice posted online:

"The source of bed bugs often cannot be determined, as they may be found in many places, including hotels, airplanes, buses, hospitals, department stores and movie theaters. Finding a bed bug does not mean that our school building is infested. Bed bugs are often unknowingly brought into the school by building occupants and as a result we may have future sightings.

Even though it is unlikely for bed bugs to reproduce and spread in schools, the maintenance staff will continue to work to identify pests, provide thorough inspections of schools and have licensed pest control specialists treat rooms as appropriate.

If you have experienced them in your home, we strongly recommend seeking professional assistance from a qualified pest control company."


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