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Beauty Care Experts Say Cosmetics Need Spring Cleaning

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) —Beauty and skin care experts say it's a good time to go through your cosmetics during spring cleaning.

Katie and Kristina love makeup and shopping for it but throwing away the old stuff, not so much.

But dermatologists say makeup needs spring cleaning just like anything else.

"Old products can carry too much bacteria. Some of the chemicals can break down. You can develop an allergic reaction. Sometimes, that reaction can go systemic, so it's really a serious matter," Dr. Ava Shamban, a dermatologist, explained.

On the bottom of makeup, you'll see an expiration date from the time it's opened but that can't always be trusted.

"If it smells bad, don't put it on your face. If it's starting to crumble or flake or doesn't mix well, throw it out," explained Dr. Shamban.

For the most part, Dr. Shamban says foundation lasts six months to a year-and-a-half, eyeliner lasts six months to a year, mascara lasts three to six months, powder cosmetics like blush last one to two years, and lipsticks and glosses last six months to one year.

It's important to clean with natural products expect an even shorter shelf life.

"There is no preservatives, that's the difference; that's why once you open something, you have to use it within three to six months," Stacey Stilts of Green Line Beauty explained.

Katie and Kristina say now that they know what can happen, they'll stop collecting and start to toss, not just in spring but all year long.

Doctors say cleaning makeup and things like brushes can help prevent infections. They also say store them in a dry place, not a warm humid bathroom where germs are more likely to grow.

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