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Beasley Reece: Chip Made Bad Investments

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- Chris Stigall talked with sports analyst Beasley Reese on Talk Radio 1210 WPHT to wrap up what became a very disappointing season for the Philadelphia Eagles and to assess what could have gone so wrong with the team that led to Head Coach Chip Kelly's firing.

Reece said he thinks Kelly's demise was brought about by poor personnel decisions and the bad contracts that came along with them.

"Where did Chip go wrong? Well, I think the owner had to do a reset. You look at the people that the owners admire, we talk about winning games and winning Super Bowls or playoff games, yeah owners want to do that but they are business men first. He spent the owner's money unwisely. You give a guy $42 Million, speaking of DeMarco Murray, and then bench him, now that's the short view. That's something that Chip didn't understand. Chip should've started DeMarco Murray every game and then Mathews and Sproles and the people he thought could do a better job with the offensive line in its current situation. You need quicker, faster guys and DeMarco Murray's not that kind of guy."


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