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Beach Patrol: Digging Deep Holes In Sand Can Prove Deadly

HARVEY CEDARS, NJ (CBS) – During the summer, officials warn about a number of things, such as rip tides, heat warnings and... deep holes?

Harvey Cedars Beach Patrol posted on its Facebook page a warning about a hole they found on the beach that was about six feet deep.

The post stated in part: 'We want to remind people that digging holes deeper than knee height of the person digging is prohibited & holes should be filled in. Sand collapses have killed dozens of people in the U.S. and injure many more.'

Not your typical safety on the beach warning, but a six foot deep hole in the sand is understandably dangerous for unaware pedestrians.

Furthermore, the beach patrol said, "Large holes are also dangerous for emergency vehicles on the beach and keeps the beach rake tractor from properly cleaning the beach."

Let's keep the hole digging to a minimum, folks.

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