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Barkley And Shaq Argue About Embiid Not Making All-Star Team

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- Joel Embiid was controversially not chosen as an eastern conference all-star reserve.

Charles Barkley disagreed with that decision, but Shaq agreed. The two Hall Of Famer went at it on the NBA On TNT on Thursday night (you can watch the video here beginning at the 2:25 mark).

"I thought that the NBA should have rewarded the Philadelphia 76ers," Barkley said. "They're the hottest team since the beginning of the year. They have the best record in the NBA other than the Golden State Warriors.

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"I thought it would have been just great for what they're doing for the city of Philadelphia. They got great energy and great enthusiasm."

Paul Millsap of the Atlanta Hawks was named an all-star over Embiid, despite averaging less points and blocks in almost nine more minutes per game.

Embiid, who the Sixers are easing back in, has missed 14 games this season after having back-to-back foot surgeries to start his career. Shaq says the days of rest is an advantage.

"Do you think he has an advantage because he gets to take games off?" Shaq asked. "He's playing limited minutes."

"Sometimes that can throw you out of rhythm, Shaq," Kenny Smith replied and Barkley agreed.

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"No it can't," Shaq said. "It's called rest. No it cannot. Every time I had rest, I came back and had 40 [points]. I don't know wanna hear that."

Later in the show Barkley talked about the duo of Embiid and Sixers No. 1 overall pick Ben Simmons.

"Joel Embiid, he's great for the league," Barkley said. "They [Embiid and Ben Simmons] gonna be monsters if they can stay healthy for the next 10 to 15 years."

Barkley, Shaq, Smith, and Ernie Johnson also reacted to Embiid's tweet.

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