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Barkley On 94WIP: 'No Idea What Sixers Are Doing Now'

By Andrew Porter

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) --- Charles Barkley was on board with the Sixers' plan. Was being the operative word.

After making multiple trades last week, the former Sixer and NBA Hall Of Famer isn't so sure anymore.

"Well, that set them the back," Barkley told Michael Barkann and Ike Reese Tuesday on the 94WIP Mike & Ike Show of the Sixers' trades. "I thought they were getting some good players. I mean obviously the key is going to be [Nerlens] Noel and [Joel] Embiid and I thought Michael Carter-Williams going forward. Listen, I don't know what they're doing to be honest with you, but at this point you've got to ride it out."

On Thursday, right before the NBA's trade deadline, the Sixers dealt 2014 NBA Rookie of the Year Michael Carter-Williams and high-flying rookie K.J. McDaniels in two separate deals, acquiring two total draft picks (a top-five protected first-rounder and a second-rounder) and guard Isaiah Canaan.

"Well, I liked Michael Carter-Williams," Barkley explained. "I was---and I liked the McDaniels kid to be honest with you. I was totally surprised on both of those deals. And I think it's gonna be great for Michael Carter-Williams 'cause I look at Jason Kidd as the point-guard whisperer. I think it's gonna be a great situation for him in Milwaukee, and McDaniels man, I think he's obviously been a pleasant surprise. So both of those deals caught me off guard to be honest with you.

Listen: Charles Barkley on the 94WIP Mike & Ike Show:


"Like I said, a guy who has just won a Rookie of the Year [award]," Barkley said of Carter-Williams. "So, I was totally surprised they set the reset button so soon. I mean he was the best player they got. I mean he was only the only commodity, and to start over before you could even know what you have. Because I think the jury is still out on Michael Carter-Williams and he hasn't played with a bunch of good players, but he was good enough to get Rookie of the Year. Like I said man, I wish I could give you a legitimate answer, but I have no idea what the Sixers are doing now."

The Sixers were recently ranked as the No. 1 professional sports franchise in terms of analytics use. Barkley, who admittedly is anti-analytics, gave his thoughts on Sixers general manager Sam Hinkie.

"Well, listen, how's that working out for you?" Barkley asked. "He [Hinkie] just had the Rookie of the Year and he traded him."

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