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Viral Bagel Boss Guy Signs Deal To Fight Another 'Celebrity' At Atlantic City Hotel

ATLANTIC CITY, N.J. (CBS) -- The viral Bagel Boss guy's 15 minutes of fame isn't over just yet. Chris Morgan, the man caught on video berating customers and staff inside a New York bagel shop, has signed a deal to fight another internet "celebrity" in Atlantic City, according to TMZ.

Morgan will reportedly make between five or six figures in the deal, TMZ reports. The fight will reportedly take place on Sept. 7 at the Showboat Hotel.

Morgan, commonly known on social media as the Bagel Boss guy, went viral for his misogynistic tirade last week, yelling at customers and staff about his small stature.

The video ends with a larger man tackling him to the ground, so he has some work to do ahead of his upcoming fight.

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