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Babysitting Website Connecting Parents With Virtual Child Care Across The Globe

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- It could be just what you need right now. A website is now offering help for parents who need someone to look in on their children.

Are you looking for a little extra help with your children?

Well, what if we told you there was a place where you could pick from thousands of babysitters to engage your little ones in order to give you the extra time you need to focus on working from home or simply tackling a to-do list.

There's no catch aside from the fact that these babysitters sit by a screen. is an online babysitting platform located in the Netherlands that connects parents to babysitters around the globe.

"A team member of mine, she did virtual babysitting for someone in Singapore and someone in Ireland," said Babysits Community Manager Daniel Lawson.

It's currently being used in 38 countries by 1.5 million users and while it started as a place for those in search of care providers who would come to your home, Lawson mentioned that COVID-19 sparked more conversations and opportunities than ever for parents to consider remote babysitting.

"At first it seems like a strange idea," Lawson said.

While newborns and babies aren't the best fit for this kind of care, for the big kids it's an interesting option.

"You can't provide the same support as you would if you were in person but you can provide education and other forms of entertainment," Lawson said

He also mentions that while you can access babysitter profiles right now for free, if you do find a babysitter to connect with, you will have to purchase a monthly subscription.

After that, it's up to you and your new sitter to set your terms of payment.

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