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Baby Nurseries 101: Setting It Up Right In Your Philadelphia Home

With a month to go on her pregnancy, it looked like Sabrina Gordon of Pennsauken had a only a freshly-painted room ready for her son's nursery. However, she was ready to fill it, thanks to planning and shopping around before buying. Here's how:

1. Check It Off
Creating a list, not just a registry, is essential for staying organized. With a list, you can keep track of what is needed, what you liked, where items can be found and how much everything costs. Lists can also specify which items are wants and which are needs, so while the wants may be more fun to pick out, the needs don't get overlooked.

2. Go Old School
While there are many stores selling new gear and furniture, consignment stores that focus on kids' items can be a great alternative for parents-to-be to save money. Many consignment stores have strict policies for accepting the gently-used items, requiring directions and checking for recalls.

3. Double Up
Consider future uses of items like changing tables and diaper bags. Changing tables that are more shelf-like could later be used for toy storage. On the other hand, changing pads with safety belts are available separately and can be used on top of a dresser. The right diaper bag could be later used as a park or beach tote.

4. Play It Safe
You will not be able to hover over your child at all hours of the day. A few safety measures, like outlet plugs, protected corners and drawer locks will save parents the stress of taking an injured child to the emergency room. This may also be a good time to make sure there is a working smoke and carbon monoxide detector on each floor of your house.

Moms should always remember with any nursery preparation project, whether it be shopping or assembling furniture, to take breaks to remain healthy for the baby. As the due date approaches, that may not seem realistic. Prioritize what needs to be ready when your baby arrives. Work on those items first, then deal with the remaining components once you have settled down a bit.

The local businesses below may be able to help you get started.

Karl's Baby & Teenage Furniture
724 Chestnut St
Philadelphia, PA 19106
(215) 627-2514

A mainstay in Center City for almost 100 years, Karl's has over 250 cribs for parents to choose from.

Lolli Lolli
713 Walnut St
Philadelphia, PA 19106
(215) 625-2655

Lolli Lolli has a wide assortment of clothing, toys and books, including Philadelphia-themed items. Children shopping with their parents will enjoy spending time in the store's play area.

RePlay Toys!
1515 W Street Road
Warminster, PA 18974
(215) 394-5533

RePlay Toys! is a consignment store that takes pride in recycling gently-used kids' items. The store only accepts items with the manufacturer information so it can be checked for safety recalls.

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Samantha Sinclair is a freelance writer who lives in South Jersey. She has two boys who love "adventuring." Her work can be found at

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