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Baby Born On Garden State Parkway

By Todd Quinones

WILDWOOD, N.J. (CBS) - Manuel Correa's delivery into this world was anything but typical.

At just 6 lbs., his birth put two grown men on their toes.

"Definitely the highlight of my career so far," Wildwood firefighter Matthew Johnson said.

"It was amazing. This is my first time, my partner's first time ever experiencing this," Wildwood firefighter Robert Feltwell said.

Johnson and Feltwell responded to a 911 call Tuesday morning to an apartment building on East Leaming Avenue.

A mother, Tiffany Correa, was going into labor.

They loaded her into the ambulance, but as they were on their way to Cape Regional Medical Center, things quickly changed.

"I was in the back of the ambulance with the patient and she said she felt the baby coming," Johnson said.

"[I] found the baby was crowning, saw the head coming out. I yelled up front and said, 'Rob you need to pull over, the baby is coming,'" he said.

"I was kind of nervous. It was my first time and also his first time delivering a child," Feltwell said.

Near mile maker 7 northbound, on the New Jersey Garden State Parkway, in the back of an ambulance, Manuel was born at 8:10 in the morning.

"Luckily this baby came out head first. There were no complications when the baby came out," Johnson said.

"He was holding the baby while I was clamping off making sure mom was okay, and then made sure baby was alright. Wrapped the baby and cut the umbilical cord," Feltwell said.

During an interview over the phone from her hospital room, Tiffany said she was exhausted but that she and baby Manuel were both doing well. She wanted to thank the firefighters for what they did.

"It's an amazing experience. Some guys go their 25-year career and never have to deliver a child," Feltwell said.

Johnson and Feltwell both plan on visiting mom and baby very soon.

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