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Author: Philadelphia 'Shunned' After The Revolution For Not Supporting Independence

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) - Dave Dougherty, co-author of the book, The Politically Incorrect Guide to the American Revolution, talked with Chris Stigall on Talk Radio 1210 WPHT, saying that though Philadelphia was the first capital of the nation, many people living in the city at the time were not on board with breaking away from England.

"Philadelphia was the most populous city in the United States at the time of the revolution. The problem was Pennsylvania was split between the Scots-Irish in the Susquehanna Valley and the Quakers over in Philadelphia. The Quakers, during the Revolutionary War, were neutral. They were not patriots. Very few of them fought...Pennsylvania split right down the line and, as a result, Philadelphia was, pretty much, shunned after the war was over. Of course, during the war, the British occupied it and the Quakers traded with the British, but wouldn't trade with the patriots because the patriots couldn't pay."

He stated that even before the Declaration of Independence, the colonies had already adopted the ideals and values celebrated by historians.

"We were, at that point, an exceptional country. We had four pillars of American exceptionalism that already existed but didn't exist anywhere else in the world, and they were, essentially, a culture based on Protestant Chrisitianity, we had common law, we had the sanctity of private property, you could get a deed to to a piece of property and then you owned it. Literally, nowhere else in the world could you do that and even today, very few countries have real private property. The last one is free market capitalism. No other country, even today, has those four and that's why we're unable to export American democracy anywhere else in the world. They don't have the underpinnings."

Dougherty also rejected the idea that slave owners were the driving force to create a new country in order to derive more profits from their businesses.

"Don't tell me about it was all about the rich white guys who were making money because that's simply not true. That's the leftist narrative. That's why this is the politically incorrect guide, because the politically correct position on the revolution was it was a trumped up thing by big, rich white guys, slave owners in the main, who wanted to get away from England so they could make more money. That is as untrue as me saying that the sky today is orange and purple."

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