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Author Gabriel Sherman Defends Controversial New Book About Fox News Chairman

PHILADELPHIA (CBS)--Chris Stigall spoke with Author Gabriel Sherman this morning on Talk Radio 1210 WPHT about his controversial new book on Fox News Chairman Roger Ailes entitled, The Loudest Voice in the Room.

Sherman responded to criticism he's been receiving by other media outlets, saying, "the relentless campaign against me, completely distorting me and my journalism was revealing of the fear that Roger Ailes and Fox News had in a journalist honestly going out and reporting the story."

Sherman himself describes the book as, "a measured, complicated, and riveting story tracing Ailes rise from a factory town in Northeastern Ohio to the highest corridors of power."

Stigall asked Sherman why he thinks FOX News is an attractive destination for journalists who have spent most of their careers elsewhere, with Sherman responding that Ailes, "recruits people that have been frustrated and cast out of other T.V. channels and he brings them into the boat and makes them stars."

Sherman states that Ailes is the reason that FOX News consistently tops other cable news outlets because he "understands there is a big group of people out there in the country who feel left behind, and FOX is a safe place for them."

And in terms of the on air product, Sherman says Ailes "[controls] the network absolutely, from the colors on the screen, to the graphics, to the anchors behind the camera, it is a reflection of his worldview."

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Gabriel Sherman

Sherman says he is not bothered by the negative reviews and thinks the attention the book is getting, "tells me there is a hunger in the culture that this book has touched a nerve. Most importantly, readers can see it. It's finally out. There's been so much speculation about what's in it. Ailes and his surrogates have tried to crush this book, distort what this book is and now it's out in the culture."


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