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Attorneys in Phila. Cop Corruption Trial Spar Over One Witness' Testimony

By Tony Hanson

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- A federal judge today granted a prosecution motion to dismiss a couple of charges in a police corruption case that has ensnared six former Philadelphia narcotics officers.

But the fight is not over.

The defense alleges the grand jury testimony of one alleged victim was perjury, and the government's prosecution team should have known it at the time.

But prosecutor Anthony Wzorek dismisses the claim.

"We look forward to answering that," he told the court today.  "And I will make myself available to the defense counsel on the witness stand."

But even with the counts dismissed, the defense still wants to introduce the evidence, to try to undermine the government's overall case.

"Mr. Wzorek appears to be very upset," defense attorney Michael Diamondstein responded to the judge.  "I'm not suggesting to the court Mr. Wzorek knowingly placed perjured testimony in front of the grand jury -- that would be the only thing Mr. Wzorek should be upset about, if I said that.  I am suggesting to the court that the government placed perjured testimony before the grand jury -- whether it was accidental, or negligent, or reckless."

Stay tuned.



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