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Attorney Alan Dershowitz: Iran Is A Greater Threat Than ISIS

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) - Dom Giordano talked with Attorney Alan Dershowitz on Talk Radio 1210 WPHT about the upcoming speech before Congress from Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his opposition to the White House negotiating a nuclear treaty with Iran.

Democrats were angry that Netanyahu did not inform the President before the announcement of his speech to Congress, but Dershowitz stated they still have a duty to listen to what he has to say.

"I will be appalled at any Democrat who refuses to show up. They are violating their constitutional oath of office. They have an obligation to listen to both sides of issues. They have an obligation under the separation of powers to check and balance the President. The President is about to make a horrible, horrible foreign policy decision. He is opposed, not only by Israel, he is opposed by Saudi Arabia. He is opposed by Egypt. He is opposed by many Democratic Senators and Congressmen."

He thinks the controversy over the speech is overblown and pales in comparison with the nuclear agreement currently being negotiated.

"The idea that people in Congress should refuse to listen to a Prime Minister; they're treating him like they treat Ahmedinejad. You walk out on a tyrant who denies the Holocaust, but you don't walk out on an ally who is America's strongest ally in the Middle East and who has a different view from the President, and is right? He's right on this one, and the President is wrong."

Dershowitz holds that Iran poses a greater threat to the world than even ISIS does at the moment.

"Iran's leadership is a suicide nation. A suicide nation that was prepared to sent thousands of their young children to certain death at the end of the Iraq War, giving them tokens to go to paradise. ISIS is nothing compared. ISIS is terrorists on trucks with rifles and pistols and knives. Iran is gonna become the first terrorist nation with nuclear weapons if this deal goes through."

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