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Firefighters Haul 14 People Trapped In Elevator Over 100 Feet To Safety

ATLANTIC CITY, N.J. (CBS) -- Atlantic City firefighters rescued more than a dozen people trapped in an elevator.

The Atlantic City Fire Department posted on Facebook that 14 people were stuck in an elevator for several hours at the Tropicana Casino & Resort on Saturday.

The elevator suddenly stopped between the sixth and seventh floors.

Firefighters deployed a rope rescue and haul system to get to the trapped individuals and pulled them over 100 feet to safety.

"The next opening wasn't until the 15th floor, so when we began extrication operations it took a considerable amount of time to get each occupant out," said Atlantic City Fire Department Chief Scott Evans.

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Each person had to put on a harness and go outside the elevator so they could be lifted up. Each trip took about 15 minutes.

"The people in the elevator were stressed out. The elevator was overcrowded," said Evans. "There were 14 people in there, so that became a problem right away."

The individuals were stuck in a "blind shaft" elevator.

No injuries were reported.

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