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At Reading Terminal Market, A Cajun Cook-Off For Charity

By Hadas Kuznits

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- Four chefs competed in a Cajun cook-off today at the Reading Terminal Market, but the big winner was the charitable organization Manna, which provides meals for the seriously ill.

The "Best of Beck's" cook-off was held at La Cucina, the Reading Terminal Market's demonstration kitchen, where Dan Getman with Manna explained how his organization benefitted:

"The Beck's (Cajun Café) folks here have some of their spices on sale.  We are receiving a percentage of the sales there, as well as any of the donations that have been brought in."

Co-host Bill Beck (second from right, in blue) says to make the competition interesting, they threw contestants for a loop with a secret ingredient basket.

"It consisted of Bisquick, Yukon gold potatoes, scallion, 7-Up, and an orange.  We said, 'OK, you've got 15 minutes!' "

Caterer Jason Kelso of Signature Food Arts (center of photo, in black shirt) was the winner.

"This was kind of harrowing," he said afterward.  "A lot of good talent up here.  I'm really surprised I won!"

"He used the Bisquick and then the thickness of a potato chip with the potato, and then mixed the scallion in it and deep-fried it in a little bit of butter," Beck notes.

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