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Do You Assign Chores To Your Children?

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- Are chores merely a component of the parenting of yesterday? Do children in 2015 even know what chores are.

They may not all be doing them, but according to new research, chores could be on the upswing.

According to a study by LeapSpring, Inc. and My Job Chart, an online company geared at helping parents help their children develop work ethic skills, the number of completed chores by children increased by 1.89 percent from 2013-2014.

That means more dogs were walked, more trash was put out and hopefully more toys were put away.

According to the study, which utilized users of My Job Chart, 6,855,804 chores were completed by children in 2013. The number raised to 6,986,019 the following the year.

In 2015, children have completed around 3,391,244 chores so far.

The study found a number of interesting statistics based on chores.

Children ages 7-11 completed the most chores. There are more boys signed up for My Job Chart (54 percent of users) suggesting that boys are completing more chores than girls.

The study also revealed the top ten most commonly completed chores:

  1. Brushing Teeth
  2. Making Bed
  3. Getting Dressed
  4. Cleaning Bedroom
  5. Combing Hair
  6. Saying Prayers
  7. Doing Homework
  8. Clearing The Table
  9. Taking A Bath/Shower
  10. Feeding Pets


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