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Ask An Expert: Hottest Trends In Philadelphia This Spring

Fashion is art at its core, and it can be a fun way to express yourself. As times change, so do styles, and Philly is a full of its own fashionistas who can inspire you. Fashion Blogger Brittiny Adams of Fashion of Philly gives some tips to aid you with your fashion decisions this spring. Adams spent four years at the Art Institute of Philadelphia studying fashion marketing, and she regularly observes the trends that are on the streets in Philly.

Brittney Adams

Add Some Extra Sparkle with Jewelry

Jewelry can be fun and add to any outfit. This spring, consider some convertible jewelry and stackable bracelets that you can change your look with daily. Adams likes the Palm Royale line from Chloe & Isabel because of its versatility. All of its jewelry is made in the USA and is hypo-allergic, lead and nickel free.

Don't Overlook the Versatility of the Jumpsuit

The jumpsuit is a versatile outfit that can take the place of the little black dress for cocktail or dressy occasions. You can accessorize it however you like, add a jacket, scarf or jewelry or more dramatic shoes. Jumpsuits come in a variety from sleeveless to backless; they can be very plain or more elaborate with lace and patterns. You can dress them up or dress them down. The jumpsuit in the right fabric will not weigh you down this spring.

The Full Skirt is Always in Fashion

A full skirt is a timeless piece that, when styled right, can be suitable for most occasions. The full skirt is classic and classy. Vintage skirts are in style when combined with the right elements. Stewart suggests adding a pop of color if the skirt you choose is of a neutral or monochrome. You can do this with a tank, vest, cardigan or from accessories such as a scarf or shoes.

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Organize your Closet this Spring

You could have all sorts of hidden gems in your closet and not even know it if it's not organized. Springtime is a great time to clean out what you truly do not want any more to make room for some new items. It is also a good time to revisit a dress or outfit you had long forgotten about. Consider getting an under-bed storage container for your winter clothes you will be retiring for the season. This gives you more space to see what is there. When it's winter time again, it's like saying hello to old friends when you get them out of storage! The more organized your closet, the easier to get dressed. You can find your shoes more easily if they are on display in the closet. Adams recommends the six section shoe and accessory grid from The Container Store.

Have Fun and Don't be Too Serious

Fashion isn't serious business; it's not going to cure any diseases, but it may make you feel better. Overall, fashion should be fun and decrease your stress, not add to it. Be innovative, express yourself and take risks this spring. Spring is about renewal, not about being serious and stuffy. You can mix up patterns and play with color even more in the spring. The art of fashion is what you find interesting and beautiful.

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Christina Dagnelli is a freelance writer in Philadelphia and the author of Little Squares with Colors: A Different way to look at autism. Her work on examiner can be found here

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